Care assistants testimonials

Bluebird Care as a Company have helped my confidence and ability to give great care. It is so rewarding going to the Customers homes to care for them. They become like a family, and you become part of their extended family. Sometimes you are the only person they see.
Yay, I passed my probation. It has been a lovely few months. I feel I have grown as a person within my job role. The Clients are lovely. I hope to have a long career within Bluebird Care.
I enjoy working for Bluebird Care as I get to meet some amazing people, and learn about their well lived lives.
I enjoy my role at Bluebird Care Swale. I like being able to make a difference to others and seeing them happy. My confidence has grown a lot since I joined Bluebird.
I have matured as a person and gained so much knowledge and confidence. I love my job as it has helped me grow and understand the value of life.
Being a community Carer is something that I always had a passion for. Helping our Customers on a daily basis is so rewarding. The appreciation you receive is worth every shift you go out for, whatever the weather may be. I love my job at Bluebird Care Swale.