More Than

We are celebrating the hardworking and dedicated care teams across the UK by showcasing how care assistants do so much #MoreThan!

A career in care is so much #MoreThan just sharing a cup of tea, it’s #MoreThan providing personal care, it’s a worthwhile, valued career path.

You’ll be fully trained in providing care and support, with ongoing training and progression available. Rewarding work, competitive rates of pay, flexibility and career progression are just some of the benefits of joining our family! 

#MoreThan just a job

Chatting with a customer is easy, but to that customer, it’s so much more than that. The time taken to listen and reminisce. To really hear them. To laugh. It’s a time when customers can express themselves, share any worries, remember family, and for some, gives them something to look forward to each day
They get their tea with a splash of milk and one sugar, in their favourite cup, but it’s so much more than that. It’s the time taken to listen, share memories, joke about biscuit dunking and to really hear them.
A trip to the doctors is simple for you, but to our customers, it means so much more than that. They can relax, knowing you’ll get them there on time. They feel safe in the knowledge that they’re being looked after. That someone really cares.