Why I became a care assistant

At Bluebird Care Macclesfield our care assistants are the heart of our business. Below are some of the stories from our current care team on why they chose to become a care assistant and gives insight into their day to day activities. Have a read and become inspired to start your own career journey with Bluebird Care Macclesfield.

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Working for Bluebird Care Macclesfield gives me the chance to meet new people and experience new challenges! 

Care work plays a big part in my life and I wouldn’t want to do any other job. As a parent trying to juggle family commitments with work, I value the flexibility my shift pattern gives me to also spend time with the kids. The Coordinators at Bluebird Care have been brilliant in matching my work availability every week alongside me negotiating with my mum to have the children while I go out to work.

The management team are so supportive; I only have to call the office and speak with a Supervisor if I am ever unsure of anything and Supervisors come out and do supervisions with us regularly, listening to our ideas and feedback and making positive changes to help and support us, especially in introductions to new customers so that everyone feels comfortable from the outset.

This is not my first job in the care sector but it is certainly the best so far! I am nearing 5 years of service with the company when they reward us with a length of service award, so I’m excited about that! We also have annual carer awards at Christmas time which I’ve won before. It’s great to enjoy your work so much, and know that it is highly valued by your employer as well!


I have worked for Bluebird Care Macclesfield for five years and was recently given a 5-year service award by Joanna, the Director. 

It was a late career change for me having worked in the restaurant business previously. I joined Bluebird Care Macclesfield at the age of 63 and five years on I find the job still fits in with both my social life and other commitments. The majority of my friends have retired and I am still able to enjoy social activities with them after my early calls are completed for the day.

It doesn’t seem an obvious career change to make at this time of life, but having cared for my own husband through his ill-health I felt, together with other transferable life skills, I would enjoy the care work, and indeed I do. The flexibility in semi-retirement is great, as well as the welcome extra income!

As a mature carer I find I have a good understanding of my customer’s needs, I live in the same rural area and cover similar areas with my calls. I’ve been able to complete an NVQ level 2 in Health and Social care through the company, and have been multiple times winner of “Carer of the Year” at Bluebird Care Macclesfield’s annual recognition event, as well as a finalist in the Great British Care Awards, North West region. It just shows it’s never too late to start a career in care!

I have always felt part of the team and been well supported by the management as “One Team”. The office team listen to any feedback we give from the field and ensure we balance our travelling time with unhurried, quality time with our customers.


I love my job here at Bluebird Care Macclesfield

It’s my first job in care and I was nervous at first but quickly realised that there was no need to be because the training and support is second to none. From the guided elearning and the classroom induction training, right through to being supervised and supported in my daily work by the management team, I’ve been able to settle into my new career easily and quickly. I’m even taking health and social care qualifications through the company now to give me a real direction and a chance of future career development!
Being able to make a difference to so many people and to be able to do my qualifications whilst I'm here is a bonus! The customers are wonderful and I look forward to seeing them every day and assisting them to keep their independence at home. Because the work is in shifts it’s great for me, because in between shifts I can nip and get my personal appointments sorted or get my shopping done, so it fits in with my way of life too.
I feel very proud to wear the Bluebird Care Macclesfield uniform and be part of such a supportive team.