Care team testimonials

In 2004 I moved from Somerset to Cheshire, leaving my job as deputy manager with a domiciliary care provider having previously been their care coordinator. After 6 years away from this role I joined Bluebird Care & rekindled my love of coordinator job! Some people said "are you mad ?" Some said "do you really want to do this again?", all knowing how fast-paced the role can be. I didn’t have to think long before answering “Yes, I probably am a little mad, and yes, I really do want the coordinator job again!! I have found my “niche” and that is why I came back to it. No job is more satisfying when you can leave at the end of the day knowing that your customers have received a quality service from a dedicated team of carers, all operationally managed by me, their care coordinator. I feel proud when I think about our customers knowing that I am part of a team that helps people remain in their own homes and live independently with our help. It’s not just about turning “red blocks” to “green” on our Staffplan rostering system. It’s about seeing the person behind those red blocks, knowing who they are and having an understanding of what they need. A quote that sums up my job......"Skilled enough to become a Care Coordinator......Crazy enough to love it!"
All through school and my other jobs I have never been praised for doing a good job I am absolutely made up, It’s nice to be told that you are doing a good job.