Care Assistant Testimonials

Please read on to learn what our care assistants have to say about working for Bluebird Care Glasgow South.

had a repetitive job working in a factory, I was making good money but felt I needed more purpose and fulfilment from my working role. My sister who was a carer in a nursing home at the time suggested I should consider becoming a carer. I remembered how much satisfaction I got a few years earlier, from looking after my mother in law who had been suffering from Alzheimer's and through this and bringing up my children I felt I had the attributes to be a competent carer.
I recently joined Bluebird Care and was immediately struck by their friendly and professional attitude. The training was excellent and I was very happy to know that I had joined a team who believe in delivering the best quality care. I have met great people and am supported to be the best care assistant I can be. I am looking forward to continuing my work with Bluebird Care.
The reason I became a care assistant was to try to improve the lives of people that required care services. After seeing a few too many stories reporting that elderly people were receiving inadequate care, I decided that the only way that I could help to improve things would be to become a care assistant. In doing this, I have been able to provide a level of care that I would be happy for my own family to receive.
Bluebird Care – Long standing Care Assistant! I started my career in in Bluebird Care, back in 2013 after the birth of my daughter. The key factor in staying these years has been the flexibility that has enabled me to maintain a healthy work/life balance. What I find most rewarding is knowing that I'm helping someone. I have made a difference in someone's day whether it's been helping them get up and have a wash or even making a cup of tea and chatting with them about their day and their life. The customer welcomes me into their home and I get the honour to meet that person and their family. I began with Bluebird Care as a Care Assistant at weekends. This allowed me to look after my daughter during the week and when she was ready for nursery I was able to increase my availability. I found that because I didn't have previous professional experience, a lot of companies were not interested and wanted experience. I found myself in catch 22 position – I didn't have professional experience (only helped with my gran before she was moved into a care home) but nobody would take me on without experience. When my daughter went into nursery 5 mornings, the manager asked if I wanted to help in the office. I found this would benefit me in allowing me to see the business from the other side and still help customers and staff. This in turn would allow me to have some weekends with my family. I returned to a weekend run and have been able to increase my experience and hours and undertake distance learning courses to expand my knowledge in areas such as dementia and end of life care. I would advise people to try home care if they have been thinking about it. It can be long hours but with the right employer, a healthy work/life balance can be maintained. The opportunities are there to progress if a person wants to. Bluebird Care gave me the opportunity to show what I was capable of.
I have been working for Bluebird Care for just over 2 years now. It's not a surprise to say I love my job. I look forward to my working days and everyone has been so supportive, approachable and friendly. I've made some good friends since joining Bluebird Care and enjoy being part of the team.
I had 1 living grandparent throughout my life and that was my gran, Peggy. I was named after her. She always seemed such a strong, serious woman and it's only recently I'm finding out more and more. I would visit weekly with my family when I was younger and even when she was placed in a care home. My gran was diagnosed with "senile dementia" but it was explained away as she was getting old. I always remember it was extremely difficult when I tried to talk to her and she would snap and say she didn't know who I was. She was only in the care home for months when we got the news that she passed away in her sleep. I always feel that I wished I had done more for my gran. Although it had been many years since my gran had passed, having my daughter made me realise that I wanted to do something that would be important. Perhaps not to a lot, but even a few and certainly to myself. I love being able to assist people with things that many of us take for granted, such as, shopping. Some people have said "I couldn't do your job". I can honestly say I love it and I love seeing the customers. I feel I'm helping people who can't always be there for their family and I'm helping people to enjoy their life. I can't imagine doing anything else now.
I have worked with Bluebird Care Glasgow South now for over two years. I enjoy getting up for work every morning as my job is exactly what I could dream of. I have recently been promoted to a lead care assistant and I hope to fully embrace this opportunity, both working and supporting our staff in the field. This role gives me an insight into the hard work both care and office staff undertake on a daily basis. I am confident that will stand me in good stead for any further promotional opportunities that come up. Bluebird Care highly value their staff and I am proud to be an employee.