Our values

We hire for innate values - kindness, empathy, compassion - and train for excellence in care.


As a Kensington & Chelsea Bluebird, you will find a work culture that has the following five foundational values:


Genuinely caring: Intentionally seeking the opportunities to go above and beyond to make a positive impact on people’s lives, knowing adding that extra 1 or 2% daily can make a real difference.


Operating with honesty and transparency: Knowing that through thick and thin, being truthful builds loyalty and trust that will serve our business and our team over the long term.


Exuding empathy: A natural curiosity and desire to listen to, know and understand others’ perspectives and circumstances.


Trusted to deliver: Building a culture of ownership, where everyone feels supported and empowered to deliver.


Knowing we all have a voice: Fostering an environment where everyone is respected for their opinion and valued for their contribution.