Why I Love My Job...

I have worked in the Social Care industry for over 12 years. I was keen to gain as much experience in this industry and chose to work at Bluebird Care as a home care assistant in 2012.

Bluebird Care Essex West. Why I love my job.

"Whilst working and being a mum to 3 young children, I was also studying towards a BSC (Hons) Health and Social Care.  In 2016, I graduated with a first-class honour, and I was offered a promotion to the Care Support Supervisor, to then move on to Registered Manager in 2022 - a position I was very proud to accept."

Bluebird Care Essex West. Why I love my job.

"I often work multidisciplinary with other Health and Social Care professionals to ensure the wellbeing and safety of customers is promoted at all levels and this provides me with a great deal of job satisfaction."

Bluebird Care Essex West. Why I love my job.

I can go home each day, knowing my job role, no matter how little my actions may be, positively influences the lives of others.

"I love my job!"

We are looking for people who are as passionate as Clem about delivering great care. If you share the same commitment to provide the best home care services get in touch with us today, or visit our current career opportunities.