Care team testimonials

I have worked in the Care industry for 30 years, I choose to work for Bluebird Care as they are a professional company who always work in a professional way.
As a busy working mum and student I struggled to find a job that could work around me. Then I found Bluebird Care, Bluebird offered me flexible hours which allowed to fit work around my own commitments. I have now worked for Bluebird Care for 5 years, and couldn't be happier with continued support I receive.
I feel supported by the office team, which is very important as most of my work is independent in the community. They are always so appreciative of the work I do, they make me feel valued and an important part of the team.
I love working for Bluebird Care I always feel supported and listened to. Whenever something is bothering me or If I am just in need of a coffee and chat, the office team is always on hand to support me. I would not want to work any other way!
My favorite memory of working for Bluebird Care was when I assisted one of our younger clients into the community. The clients mum was so grateful as I helped to build her daughters confidence. It reminded me why I work for Bluebird Care... I love to make other people happy and with my career at Bluebird I can do just that every day.
It's not just about giving care to our customers. It is also about the team that you work with, including the office team, feeling supported - that is what makes a difference to me