What our care assistants say...

We are so proud of our committed and dedicated Care Assistants.

 Here is what they have to say, in their own words:

From Kiri Field

"Not many people understand why I do my job it's not the most desirable job in the world and certainly isn't the most paid. It doesn't have perks like a big fancy office with a nice view or dress down Friday's and I often miss family events and birthdays. I do it because I love it.

Yes, I make tea, I reheat ready meals, I administer medication, I wipe bums and I empty catheters but that's not all I do. I've met so many inspirational people that have stared adversity in the face and beat it back with a broom. I have met people that have nearly given up untill they see my face in the morning and realise that some one does care about them. I have sung, played the piano (very poorly) danced, laughed and cried with my customers. I have comforted sons, daughters, husbands and wives and reassured them they have done everything they could for their loved one. I have made customers comfortable in their last days and I have seen the pain, frustration and confusion in their eyes when they wonder 'why me'.

My job is not always easy I have been shouted at, hit, scratched and called every name under the sun but I have also had people clutch my hand so tightly and thank me from the bottom of their hearts for the help I have given them. I have heard the laughter of those that thought they'd lost their smile. I know how it feels to care for someone not because they are family or because I'm paid to but because I want to and choose to.

I moan about my job and I get tired of it and some days I'm so emotionally drained I cant wait to not speak to anyone and fall asleep but every day I love my job! I am a cheerful face in the morning, I keep the loneliness at bay, I help, I am a friend, I am a carer!"