Carer testimonials

Carer Training 

Have a read of what some of our carers have to say about the carer training provided by our wondeful experienced training officers.

Benefits of training

I learned so much about different types of dementia and also symptoms of sepsis, stroke etc.

Increased capacity to adopt new skills and knowledge. I feel more positive about the job skill. Starting to feel comfortable working the new challenging tasks.

What you enjoy about the training session you are currently?

I enjoy how Amjid our training manager make us feel comfortable by answering our questions. During session we do have laugh which helps with learning.

What makes the training you received or receiving effective?

Knowledge, tests and the fact we get to do practise

Any other positive comments?

Amjid and other staff seem supportive and Toni is also very kind lady. Like the free lunch LOL!

Saira Gilani