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Join the Bluebird Care team and help make a real difference to someone's life with an incredibly rewarding career in care.

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We’re looking for calm, compassionate people with good availability and all kinds of life experiences to join us in delivering the future of homecare…

Care at Home is changing all the time and it’s not just a job anymore.  Now, for the right people, it’s a real career, offering great training and prospects - with plenty of opportunities to specialise. 

It's not just a job, It's a way of life

Our Customers and their families often tell us that it’s taking the time to listen and making an extra effort that sets us apart.

The level of service and support that we provide doesn’t just happen by chance. And,by the way, it’s no coincidence that many of our team have been with us for years. 

We recruit great people and look after them properly

Everyone who joins us is supported and encouraged from the very beginning.   At Bluebird Care, Richmond and Twickenham  you will receive ongoing training throughout your career to build and develop your skills and knowledge.

How can we help each other?

Young? Older? Returning to work? A background in health , just personal experience or interested in supporting others?

Whatever your story, if you have a genuine care for others, good communication skills and good availability, we’ll provide excellent pay, training, flexibility and the support to launch and build a fulfilling and rewarding career. 

Whilst care experience is useful, it isn’t always essential.

So what are you waiting for? 

Come and play a vital role in the story of our Customers’ lives – and help shape the future of care at home. 

Let's do it right, together.

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About us

At Bluebird Care Richmond & Twickenham we believe that care matters and we are committed to providing the highest quality home care so that our customers can remain in their own homes.

We work alongside families and individuals to tailor our services to help our customers stay in control of their own care for as long as they are able to. Delivering the very best homecare is our passion, and we strive to achieve this every day.

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Meet our team of care professionals

Customer Care Manager

As a Customer Care Manager, I aim to improve the quality of care provided to our customers. I love visiting our customers in their own environment and getting to know the little things that they consider most important.

I came to the United Kingdom in 2010 after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Hydrology and Science. Shortly after I arrived, I started my career as a support worker for people with learning disabilities, and in 2018, I joined Bluebird care Richmond and Twickenham as a care worker. 

After being promoted to Senior Career, I wanted to continue to enhance my knowledge of the health and social care sector and later completed a Health and Social Care degree qualification. This gave me the skills and qualifications to excel in my career as a Customer Care Manager. 

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with two children, who are growing up fast. They definitely keep my husband and me busy!

Office Administrator

I have been a carer at Bluebird Care Richmond & Twickenham for almost four years, and I am now working in the office helping with administrative tasks. My responsibilities include working with the carers to keep the necessary training up to date. 

I really enjoy welcoming new staff on board and supporting them on their new career journey with Bluebird Care. 

Franchise Owner

Like most people I didn’t have an understanding of the care industry until a family member required care. At this point our family faced huge challenges in finding the right solution which was flexible and that we could trust.

Trying to arrange this at short notice and being involved with care companies that didn’t have a customer service ethos highlighted the issues that people and families face in a similar situation, that’s when I thought ‘there must be a way to do this better’.

Although I have a legal and professional services background, somehow I’ve always been involved in looking after people and trying to help them improve their lives. After completing my law degree, I started my career working for a human rights NGO in New Delhi, India. Our team advised the Government on the implementation of the Right to Information Act with the aim to give over a billion people the right to challenge corruption and give transparency in where their money was being spent. This was an amazing and transformational experience and even though you can find me online with credits to the contribution of that Act, I always wanted to be more hands on and changing people’s lives on a daily basis, not just on a policy level.
Running Bluebird Richmond & Twickenham really is about changing people’s lives. We support people to remain as independent as possible whilst at their most vulnerable. We are rewarded with so much positive feedback as we help turn customer’s lives around. They discover the possibilities of being able to live life as fully and independently as possible. We help our customers face a huge range of health challenges including stroke, brain injury, MS, Parkinson’s and people living with all forms of dementia along with other neurological conditions.
Our care is unique, it goes beyond the task based care that many companies offer. We look at how we can enhance and extend people’s lives, offering therapeutic, nutritional, or lifestyle services based around their wants and needs, not just ticking off tasks.
We are exacting about who we employ and we spend a huge amount of time and effort in getting the right staff to deliver our service. Those who do make the grade are given training, support and ongoing development that exceeds any other home care company in London. For me it is about doing the simple things right. We communicate well with our customers and create an honest and open relationship. We give customers the same care staff on a daily basis so that they can build good relationships, we turn up on time and we do everything we can for the people we care for to enable them to achieve their outcomes.

For me the most important ethos of our company is to provide care that we would be happy to give to our own families. We need to build and maintain trust and be flexible to change our service in accordance with our customer’s needs. Most of all we need to be caring and have an empathic nature in everything we do.

Franchise Owner

Tim Rowland-Jones studied Business Management at University before going to work in the family business. Experience in staff management and customer service has helped Tim develop the Bluebird Care office.

Like many other people, his first real experience of the care industry came at a time when his own grandfather who suffered from dementia was admitted to a residential home. The care he went on to receive was of a particularly high standard, and this served as an inspiration and as the driving force behind his involvement with Bluebird Care.

Tim is now particularly passionate about caring for people living with dementia and dedicates much of his spare time volunteering at local day centres and the Royal United Hospital in Bath, spending time and ‘befriending’ people with dementia.

Care Manager

I am immensely proud to be the Registered Care Manager of Bluebird Care Richmond and Twickenham.

I manage a team of excellent carers supported by an experienced office team, all of whom receive up-to-date training in the best care practices.

I have worked as a care professional since 1993 and continue to experience the same intense desire to provide person-centred services to our Customer and their family and friends.

At Bluebird Care, we pride ourselves on being approachable and always doing everything we can to support people to meet every challenge life presents.

If you have a query or question about what we do and the types of service we deliver, please call me.


Deputy Care Manager

My life has been a journey . I started in beautiful New Zealand a country I am very proud of and eventually moved to London .

After a career in hospitality I became a carer with Bluebird Care Richmond and Twickenham and am now proud to be the Deputy Manager in the same branch  overseeing a superb care team and first rate office team.

I have specialized in supporting our Customers who have complex care needs often involving a number of medical and community specialiststs to make sure that our Customers lead lives of quality even when living with considerable challenges.

It matters to me that I not only make a positive difference to the lives of our Customers but also the lives of their friends and family's too. Through sharing  my knowledge and  experience with Customers and their families I am able to help people navigate their way quickly through the world of care to ensure access to the right support and services.

I enjoy travelling, especially through Europe, spending time with family and friends, watching the odd game of football  and spending time in my garden. 

I look forward to hearing from you.