What our carers say

I find being a carer comes naturally to me. I love taking care of people and seeing them happy. I like getting to know my customers well and being able to do special things for them. Once, I threw a surprise birthday tea party for a couple I was looking after. They were thrilled and it made their day really special. It makes me so happy to see them having a great time. I tend to be a calm person so it suits me to take care of things and get problems solved. I find the team at the office really supportive and helpful. It’s a great job and I wouldn’t swap it for anything. I’ve never had such satisfaction in a job before.
I love learning so being a carer is perfect for me as I am constantly finding out new ways to help my customers. I am particularly interested in Parkinson’s and dementia and I learn something new every day, which helps me stick to the care plan well. I learn a lot about medical conditions and I find it really interesting. I really enjoy caring for people and, as a carer, being respectful of my customers is really important to me. I feel like they’re my family and I treat them as I would my own parents. I like to get to know them well and find ways to make sure they are looked after in the best way possible. Bluebird Care has an excellent care plan for each customer and I find it so helpful to have the supervisors and other team members available if I have a question. It’s a very satisfying job and, as a person who loves learning, it’s perfect for me.
I live in full time with my customer, which is not that common. I really love it because I get to know my customer really well and can engage with him more as a friend over time. I get to know my customer’s likes and dislikes and I make sure to keep him active socially. My favourite thing is to organise celebrations like birthday parties, invite their friends, bake a cake and blow up balloons! It’s so important to make people feel special, especially when they are incapacitated in some way. I love my job; it gives me purpose, and I love working for Bluebird Care because I feel really supported and looked after. The office team are so friendly and helpful and someone is always there to help me if needed.