Staff Recognition & Rewards

Our industry unfortunately has had/has a negative image and, to some degree, a stereotype of both how care assistants are treated, which, for a lot of providers, is badly.  Poor work conditions, hours, lack of training and support, poor pay. They are often badly undervalued, and poorly rewarded for the most valuable work that they do.
No-one can ever be ‘…just a care assistant…’. at Bluebird Care Peterborough & Oundle, we fully believe being a care assistant is a vocation, career and not ‘just a job’. From the offset, our goal was and is clear - to champion care as a profession and to differentiate ourselves from our competition and the accepted bad practice within the industry.  When we started out, to ensure our understanding of care (and not just business), both of our directors, Tim and Leisa, new to care at the time, worked as part of the care team, delivering care to our customers.
We continue to work hard to ensure that we do not lose sight of what makes us the fantastic company we are, our passion is caring for people - both our customers and our staff.  Because of this we attract the best and only chose the best people, who share our passion and commitment to care to join our team.  We support all the individuals who work as part of our team to be the best they can be in their professional roles through the following:

  • Full training & ongoing development – we provide much more than just the mandatory training required in our industry.  We make sure all of our team receive additional training to ensure they have all the ‘tools in their bag’ they need to deliver and care for each of our customers and their individual needs as best as they can. 
  • Full managerial support and supervision
  • Funded Vocational Training to achieve professional qualifications - We offer ALL our employees the opportunity to achieve fully funded vocational qualifications.  NVQ’s, QCF, Specialist Care training including Palliative Care & Dementia Care qualifications
  • Clear career development path – we believe and are committed to the succession of our core staff to further the career with us and stay with us to fulfil the levels of the careers they want to get to.  And we will help them along that way
  • Excellent rates of pay – we are one of only a handful of care providers that not only pay our carers for the time they are with their customers, they are also paid for their travel time.  In addition, we ensure that they are paid the most we can afford to at rates of pay that reflect the quality of team member we look for and the value of the work they do
  • Excellent working conditions & hours – again, this seems logical, but this is not the norm in our industry.  We know that people who work hard, should also play hard and our Operations team, has, at the core of their department, our staff welfare as the main priority.  People can only be the best they can be, do they best they can and give the best to our customers if they have all of the above
  • Recognition – all of our care assistants are first class care assistants. However, many go the extra mile, and often.  Each month, (and also when we see it presented ad hoc), Care Assistant of the Month is awarded to show special appreciation and to share good practice within our team for a member that has really stood out that month.

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