What our care assistants say

Regina, Care Assistant

I decided to get into Care after seeing several news features about the abuse of vulnerable people in care homes and home care services. It was truly heart-breaking to hear about the abuse that these people suffered at the hands of those who were entrusted to look after them. Working in the industry gives me a small opportunity to make a difference and ensure that the people I visit are well-cared for.

I enjoy being a carer because I know my work is appreciated. My customers are usually happy to see me, even when they are not feeling their best. I believe being a carer is an educational journey; not just because of the training received, but because the customers have lived their lives and are now passing on their experience to you. I've never woken up thinking I don't want to go to work. Being a carer also forces you to become a quick thinker and to be able to work effectively and efficiently under pressure.

Working for Bluebird Care Lewisham & Southwark has been an amazing experience. There is support whenever I need it, and they always show appreciation for the work their carers do. This gives us motivation to work hard. The office staff are friendly and they treat us as equals. When I'm out and about in my Bluebird uniform, people sometimes tell me that they know Bluebird Care, that they’ve had care from us or another office, and that I’m working for a good company. This always puts a simle on my face.


Nick, Care Assistant

Working in a nursing home in Canada for the proceeding five years, I was frustrated with the impersonal manner in which I had to provide Care. I rarely had time to chat with the residents, to get to know them better or to ever find out if there was anything in particular I could help them with that day.  

My experience since joining Bluebird Care Lewisham could not be more different. As a Live-in Carer, I work, for the most part solo, in one person's (or couple's) home for periods of one week to several months at a time, so we have the time and space to really get to know one another.

The team that runs the office I’ve found to be well organised and supportive. I was not new to care, but the training they offered was comprehensive and of a high-standard, and it wasn’t long before I was out in the field shadowing their senior carers.

Working as a home care assistant is the most rewarding occupation I have pursued. You meet many interesting people, learn a lot from them and enjoy your time doing it. Anyone joining the Care sector will also have the unique opportunity to glimpse how their own life may look 30, 40, 50 years on – a very interesting insight! Most importantly, they will be forced to dispel the myth that old people cannot be fun to work with!

I absolutely enjoy what I do and feel very fortunate to work with the strongest back-office team at one of the best Care Agencies I have come across.


Pamela, Care Assistant

It was fate that got me into care. It was not my first choice, but an opportunity came up and the right time and my daughter suggested that I give it a go. And I'm very glad I did, as I love my job. It can be physically tough, and mentally tough when someone you’ve grown fond of passes away, but you can always feel good that you were able to make a difference to them when they needed it most.
One of the things I enjoy most is all the characters that I meet, and believe me there are many! Hearing their life stories always brings a smile to my face. I like making sure that all my mums and dads are receiving the same treatment as I would like for my parents, and sometimes that might just be a listening ear.
I’ve found Bluebird Care to be a wonderful company for work for. Very caring, thoughtful and supportive from the beginning, especially when I was totally new to the industry.