Sarah talks about what's best about Bluebird Care

CASE STUDY: Sarah Brown – 3rd August 2018

For the last five years, Sarah Brown has been a home care assistant with Bluebird Care Cherwell and North Bucks.

Previously she had been trained as a children’s nurse but due to life events she was unable to complete to registration. Sarah wanted a job where she could use her nursing training, she liked helping people and needed flexible hours. Whilst searching on the internet, Sarah found an advert from the local Bluebird Care office. The job duties fitted into Sarah’s criteria, so she applied for it and is now celebrating five years with the organisation

When Sarah was asked about the key reasons behind her staying in Bluebird Care for so long, she said:

“The flexible working hours fit in well with family life. With children, there is always change occurring, so sometimes I need to increase or reduce my working hours.”

Sarah added:

“I get to work with lovely customers and their families. I think it’s one of the most rewarding jobs you can have, I love it! I’ve also encouraged my daughter to apply as a home care assistant and she is now in training.”

Just like the customers which Sarah helps, her parents also have carers visit them in their home. Rather than move into a residential home, Sarah’s parents chose homecare as they wanted to stay in the house that they had worked all their lives to pay for!

Sarah commented:

“One of the most rewarding aspects of being a home care assistant, is that you can help and support the customer’s independence by letting them live in their own homes, the way they want to.”

One memory which stands out for Sarah was helping a lady who had fallen over in her bathroom and was unable to move or open the door.

“I was able to raise the alarm and wait with the lady until the ambulance arrived. I was glad that I was there to help her. Every day is different, generally you are helping the customer with their daily needs but sometimes you are saving a life!”

Feeling inspired by Sarah’s story? Bluebird Care are looking for new staff to join their team of Care Assistants.

Bluebird Care is a national provider of care in the home, specialising in working with customers who live with dementia, physical disabilities and many other acute and chronic conditions. Bluebird Care work alongside their customers’ families, social services and the NHS to ensure each person receives the care they need.

Bluebird Care offers a unique service of tailored care visits which range from anything from 30 minutes to long full-day visits. As well as personal care they also help with meal preparation, welfare checks, shopping, social trips, visits to the hospital and provide extra support for post-discharge customers.

For more details about Bluebird Care Cherwell & North Bucks call 01869 324293, email or visit their website