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Jan Walsh

Jan established Bluebird Care St Helens back in 2014 after realising that there was a need for more professional and high-quality services than what was currently available. Jan is passionate about providing the highest quality of domiciliary care in the borough and understands just what it takes to do so.

Jan is dedicated not only to our customers but also the staff of Bluebird Care. Jan has a huge focus on mentoring and supporting individuals with their development through the company and supporting those individuals to become the best possible versions of themselves. Bluebird Care St Helens is a fantastic example of how staff from all abilities and ages can progress and develop in their careers in social care.

With a background in accountancy, lending invaluable support to local businesses, Jan is sensitive for the need to provide cost effective in-home personalised care for your loved ones, whilst never compromising on standards.

A dedicated family woman sympathetic to the needs of others, Jan motivates the company to deliver on Bluebird Cares promise of “Good Old-Fashioned Service” at all times. 

Clare Armstrong

Clare joined Bluebird Care St Helens in May 2015 and quickly became an integral part of the business.

With a background in accountancy, Clare is meticulous in ensuring the highest quality of organisation and compliance are met and delivers this out to the team. Clare has a huge focus on high standards and always strives for Bluebird Care to be the best we can be. Clare has held a number of roles within the company and ultimately in 2018, became company Managing Director.

Clare has a hands-on approach and continually drives for improvement. This is evident and Clare now has a wealth of knowledge to support and move the team forward ensuring the needs of both customers and staff are met.


Hayley Allen

Since joining Bluebird Care in 2016, Hayley has held a number of roles within the company including the post of Registered Manager responsible for leading the team to ensure our customers and staff recieve the best care and support available.  Hayley now supports the current Registered Manager and looks after our buisness development looking how we can continually adapt and improve our services.

Hayley is commited to continual development for herself and the team always leading and encourage them to enhance their skills enabling them to provide a better service. Hayley has recently completed a Chartered Management Institute Certificate in Principles of Management and Leadership in order to better support our business.

Caitlin Bradley
Registered Manager

Caitlin joined Bluebird Care St Helens in the Summer of 2018 after successful completion of a degree in Social Policy. 

Known for her smiley, upbeat personality, Caitlin manages the smooth running of the daily operations at Bluebird Care and supports the team in the delivery of safe, good quality care. Caitlin is registered with the Care Quality Commision to manage our services and has regular updates with them. Caitlin has also held the role of Training Manager and with an AET Qualification now firmly under her belt, Caitlin trains all our staff, and ensures she herself is always fully up to date when it comes to any advancements in the area and how things should be done. 

Whether it's organising a package of care with Bluebird Care or attending your induction training as a new employee, Caitlin will always put your mind at ease, make you feel comfortable and confident that you are making the right decision joining Bluebird Care St Helens.

Clare Toole
Care Co-ordinator

Clare has worked at Bluebird Care since 2016 and during that time held every role within our company giving her a vast knowledge and wealth of experience in what it takes to provide high quality care and support along with holding a Level 5 qualification in Health and Social Care Leadership and Management.

Clare is currently our coordinator, responsible for shift planning and rotas ensuring our customers all recieve their care on time with a friendly face.

Out of all the roles Clare has held, this is her favourite and she strives every day to ensure our customers recieve the best service possible.


Pat King
Recruitment and HR

After a sucessful career in the hospitality industry, Pat is our Recruitment and HR officer. Pat is responsible for ensuring all of our carers go through the most robust recruitment procedures and have all requirements in place such as a DBS check and relevant references ensuring they are the right fit for our team and customers. 

Pat has many years of experience working with people and knows the qualities needed to ensure you and your loved ones are well cared for in the comfort of your own home.



Supervisor Team

At Bluebird Care we have a total of six supervisors to support our staff and customers each and every day. The team is lead by Vikki Connor and is made up of:  Bradley Armstrong, Clare Harrison, Lisa McGhee and Claire Lees. All started with Bluebird Care as Care Assistants and have shown hard work and dedication to become team supervisors who now support the smooth running of the business, providing support to staff and ensuring customers are recieivng the best service available.

The role of the supervisor is to ensure that staff feel supported and are carrying out care to the highest of standards. Supervisors also support customers by carrying out regular reviews to ensure care plans are kept up to date and customers are happy with the service they receive. All have either completed or are working towards Level 3 Qualifications in Health and Social Care and further higher level training.

Vikki Connor- Vikki joined Bluebird Care in 2017 after a long stint working for another company. Vikki fit right in and became a favourite with both customers and staff alike. In 2019, management recognized Vikki’s hard working attitude and asked her if she would like to become supervisor. Vikki immediately took to the role and since then has developed a vast knowledge not only on the ‘behind the scenes’ of the care industry but also taking on a recruitment and HR position shortly after. In 2022, Vikki took on the position of Lead Supervisor and now supports  the rest of the team to ensure the highest of standards.

Morgan Allen- Morgan started as a care assistant with Bluebird Care in March 2020 when. Morgan had not long left college and needed a new role as her previous job in hospitality was no longer viable due to the pandemic. Intended as a stop gap until Morgan decided what she wanted to do long term, Morgan took to care straight away and became a firm favorite with our local customers. Morgan stepped up to the role of coordinator shortly after but decided she enjoyed a more hands on role out in the field and so became supervisor. Morgan enjoyed the care aspect of the role so much that she is now studying to become a Registered Nurse.

Brad joined Bluebird Care in the summer of 2021 after working in finance and since then has developed a vast amount of knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the industry. Keen to continue learning and see how he can progress in his role, Brad is now in the process of completing his Level 3 qualification in Health and Social Care and looks forward to a bright future at Bluebird Care ensuring our customers receive only the highest quality of care across the borough.

Clare Harrison- Clare started as a Care Assistant back in 2017 and since has held several roles at Bluebird Care and was promoted to supervisor in 2020. Clare is known for being approachable and kind natured which makes her a good candidate for her current position. During her time as supervisor, Clare has supported Caitlin with the training of new staff and works hard to act as a support to them out in the field to develop and be the best carer they can be.

Lisa McGhee- Lisa joined Bluebird Care St Helens in 2024 and has over 30 years experience working in the Health and Social Care Sector. Lisa has a caring and supportive attitude, allowing her to be a great supervisor to the team provide guidance where needed. Lisa has already become a popular member of staff amongst our customers and staff and we are excited to support he rfurther in her career.

Claire Lees- Claire starfed with us as a carer in September 2022 and her hard working, can do attitude didn't go unoticed. Clare quickly displayed that she is calm, cool and collected and supporting our customers comes naturally to her. Clare is the ultimate team player, always helping out her colleagues and providing the best support available!