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Ashley Champion-Smith
Care Coordinator

Ashley Joined Bluebird Care in August 2016. He has 2yrs experience of Co-Ordinating. Ashley has only worked as a co-ordinator in healthcare and has no health care experience.

Ashley has achieved his level 2&3 in Health and Social Care.

Ashley is a bubbly, happy person and he is always happy to help.

As part of working in Co-Ordinating for several years I understand timings are essential. I do my best to make sure these timings are matched and a suitable carer is assigned to the customer, so the best care can be delivered on a daily basis.

Jason Higgins
Care Manager

I am a firm believer in delivering a high-quality standard of care for anyone that requires a helping hand. I strongly believe in person centred care and will do my utmost to ensure everyone has the oppurtunity to make their own choices and that I adhere to their individual wishes. I enjoy seeing positive outcomes for the people I have cared for over the years and am a firm believer of taking control of your own life. This is why I started my career in social care.

My career began in social care when I was 18, I knew at this point in my life how much I enjoyed supporting people with their daily lives. Being young and ambitious, I wanted to progress within the social care setting but was unsure what setting would suit me better and help me achieve my goals. I then moved to working with adults with learning disabilities, which was great but again I missed supporting the older generation and hearing their wonderful stories. After realising this I moved into my local A&E department to enhance my skills and knowledge around the clinical tasks- after spending 5 years in the A&E department, I found that you could never provide the outstanding care someone should receive due to time pressure. So I moved back into live-in care for some time, I then found Bluebird Care, I was greatly impressed with their values and how they put customers first, they also shared the same values that I do regarding how we support our customers.

Samantha Garner
Deputy Manager

I’m Sam and I joined Bluebird care Mendip in 2018 as a care professional. I was promoted through the company to team leader then supervisor and now I am starting my journey as deputy manager. I am currently working towards my level 5 Diploma for assistant practitioners in healthcare. I have worked in care for over 10 years and every day is different. I pride myself on going the extra mile for customers, expanding my knowledge and skills and supporting the team to make positive differences to peoples lives. I love my job and I am extremely proud to be part of the Bluebird Care Mendip team.

Tania Davis
Training Manager

I joined Bluebird Care Mendip in 2016 as a supervisor and have had the good fortune of being promoted within the company.

I am passionate about delivering high quality care and enjoy sharing my knowledge and teaching good practice

Previous to joining Bluebird Care I carried out live in care for seven years which has given me the experience to be able to understand all aspects of the of delivery care to a customer in their home. I am now looking forward to taking on the role as Training manager for the team, working across our offices, continuing my development within the team.

Abi Scott

I’m Abi, I have been working for Bluebird since 2018. I love my job as a Care Professional and getting to know all of my lovely customers and all of our great staff. Since starting with Bluebird Care I have progressed through to a Team Leader and now to Supervisor. 

Changing jobs from retail to care was a huge leap but it was the best thing I could have done. I really look forward to my future in care and all of the great things to come.

Amy Walsh

I’m Amy and I have been working in the healthcare sector since 2009. I have been part of the Bluebird Care team for the last six years and have been promoted within the company from Care Professional to Senior and now I am one of the Supervisors. I enjoy all aspects of my job especially delivering care to all our customers and meeting new potential customers when completing assessments. I have been fortunate enough to expand my knowledge base and completed my level 3 diploma in health and social care which was fully supported by Bluebird.

I am extremely proud of the care team here in Mendip knowing that we all deliver a high standard of care and go above and beyond when needed.

Dannielle Hand

I’m Dannielle . I started in the care industry in 2018 and have worked in different environments. I  started working for Bluebird Care in 2019 and I have worked my way through the senior role into the supervisor role which has presented me with many challenges, but most of all pride in the work that I am able to do to help others. 

Care is a career I never dreamed of doing before, but a career I couldn’t imagine not doing now.

Lauren Flannigan
PR Specialist

Lauren joined the Bluebird Care team in May 2015 as a care assistant, having worked in the care sector since 2011. "Applying to Bluebird Care was one of the best decisions I made"
Deciding to expand on her skills, Lauren started a part-time role with Bluebird Care as our PR Specialist. If you have any comments, reviews or stories to tell Lauren is your contact. 
In her spare time, Lauren can usually be found in her garden with her cats.

Masen Naidoo
Managing Director

Bluebird Care Mendip is led by Masen Naidoo. Masen started delivering homecare in Mendip to help support customers in the area to receive homecare and support while remaining in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. Delivering the highest quality of homecare and support is Masen’s absolute goal and he is a firm advocate of putting the 'Customer first'. Masen recognises that customers have a choice in their care provider and is passionate about making Bluebird Care Mendip the district's provider of choice in home care. The team would be delighted to hear from anyone who is seeking homecare for themselves or for a loved one, or would simply like to talk to someone about the services we provide.

Selvie Naidoo
Clinical Director

In addition to being a Professional Nurse, Selvie also managed nursing homes in Berkshire and Wiltshire. During her career as a Registered Manager she developed a passion to provide compassionate care to the elderly and vulnerable in our society. She values the contribution made to our society by the elder generation and strives to deliver a care practise that rewards their dedication and supports their independence, wellbeing and their desire to remain at home as long as possible. During her career she has set up a brand new care home as well as managing large well established care homes. Her experience and expertise in Clinical Governance stood her in good stead through 3 regulatory inspections.

In her role as Clinical Director of Bluebird Care Mendip, Selvie oversees the clinical governance and standards of care provided in the community. She works closely with the care management team to ensure that we meet the highest standard of care.

Selvie is also a qualified trainer and delivers training to Bluebird Care staff in clinical areas such as Epilepsy, diabetes to name a few to ensure that our staff are able to provide care to a broad spectrum of customers.

One of the key skills she trains the staff on is Basic Life Support, as well as volunteering her services as a Basic Life Support Trainer to local charities and adult support groups.

Jenny Atkins
Quality and Control Manager

Jenny began a career in care at the young age of 18 after completing her A levels and has not looked back since. Her first role in care highlighted the importance of supporting the elderly frail and vulnerable to maintain their health and wellbeing in the comfort of their own homes. Jenny has held a number of roles in the care sector which allowed her to meet customers of different needs, including working with young adults with multiple learning difficulties.

I continuously aspire to develop my knowledge and skills and combined with my passion for care, I strive to deliver care to that exceeds our customer’s and family’s expectation. In making the decision to join Bluebird Care Mendip, I have found a company that shares my belief and commitment to putting our customers first and delivering care with dignity and respect whilst maintaining a healthy and independent lifestyle in the comfort of their own home.

Jenny holds a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership in the management of Health and Social Care.

I am a firm believer that Care can provide a rewarding career for ambitious and aspiring individuals. I hold myself as an example of what can be achieved through commitment and hard work. At Bluebird Care Mendip our career journey is ground breaking in recognising and promoting those that want to want to develop a career in care and through our program I want to develop highly skilled teams of Care Professionals.

Anda Botezatu
Assoc CIPD – Recruitment Officer

Anda joined Bluebird Care in March 2020 and has an HR background specialised in recruitment. Anda has completed her CIPD Level 3 in Human Resources.


Anda identifies new candidates who are passionate about quality and want to make a real difference to people’s life and in their local communities.

‘There is no better feeling than finding the perfect candidate who matches our core values as a business, and exploring ways to keep them motivated and developed in their career. I love talking to different people from different backgrounds and understating people of a deeper level. One of the greatest parts of recruitment is being able to constantly bring people together.’

Claire Mitchard
Care Coordinator

Claire joined Bluebird Care in July 2015. She is a seasoned coordinator with over 7 years experience in the role. Claire began her career in healthcare over 18 years ago. Claire is working towards her Health and Social Care Diploma.

Having worked as a Care Professional, Supervisor and as a Coordinator, I understand the importance of ensuring that customer visits are placed within the correct timings and with a well suited carer to ensure that we deliver the higest quality of care.