Staff testimonials

I really love my job. Larry thank you much for coming to see me at various times and for sending Eve to keep checking on John and myself the same time. I am so happy and so is John. You guys really do care.
Bluebird Care is my family and has been there for me through thick and thin. Thank you for all your support throughout the years. Through your training and support I have learnt so much.
Everyone is so friendly and kind. Bluebird Care rules!
I had no experience when I started working for Bluebird Care and I almost gave up before I even started. However you motivated and encouraged me to carry on. Thanks to your thorough and intense training, supervisions and constant support I have grown so much as a person.
Bluebird Care is the best company that I have ever worked for!
Thank you Bluebird Care for all your support for the past years. Woking for Bluebird Care has really taught me so much about care and life itself. Thank you for encouraging to further my studies in health and social care. This could not have been done without your support.
I don’t know of any other company that arranges free physio at their staff houses. Your constant training and encouragement to better myself is overwhelming.
Working for Bluebird Care is really great. Everyone is so supportive and there for you. I have made some really good friends working for Bluebird Care.
Bluebird Care is the best – I have such a great family and work balance with you.
I look forward to hot days so I can get free ice cream. Bluebird care rocks.
Having all my customers so close to where I live makes my job so much easier. I have had a mixtures of customers over the years and learnt so much from them. Thank you for all the extra little things that you guys do for us. I really appreciate it.
I really enjoy working for Bluebird Care. You guys are the best!