Nina, from coordinator to HR managerIt’s now over ten years since I joined Bluebird Care. I joined because I felt I could make a difference, and for me that’s really important. I wanted to work for a company where I didn’t feel like a number.

I was working in a recruitment agency before. I think you can have more than one career in your lifetime, and you’re never too old to learn something new.

My first role with Bluebird Care was Care Coordinator, then I became a HR Administrator, and then HR Manager. Now I am Head of people for Edinburgh and Glasgow South. It has just been a natural progression. I think you should seize whatever opportunities come your way.

It gave me a huge confidence boost when the directors were prepared to listen to what I had to say. Jane and John are inspirational. There are 150 staff, and they know all of them.  I earned their respect and their trust, and they value my opinions. They have encouraged me to develop, they are extremely flexible, and they reward their staff well.

Bluebird Care feels like a family to me, a home from home, and everyone is very supportive.

I am passionate about training, career development, supporting our employees and creating a positive working environment for all.

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it, that’s what I believe. Bluebird Care are great at promoting internally and spotting potential. One of our supervisors used to be a care assistant. Both of our coordinators were carer assistants. Our office and finance manager joined Bluebird Care six months after me as a coordinator.

We are looking for staff who are eager, who want to learn, who want to grow with the business. I’m passionate about people realising their potential and helping them believe in themselves.

There have been special moments for me, like seeing someone grow as an individual, or receiving a Thank You card when I have supported someone through a difficult time.

As a management team we have really high standards. That shows itself in our inspection reports, in our customer feedback, in our supervisions with staff and reviews with customers. It also shows itself in the number of enquiries we get.

Our care assistants go over and above, and we want the right people. We are looking for empathy, communications skills, someone who has compassion and is passionate about what they do, people who want to care.

Our ethos is to provide good quality care. That’s the ethos right from the person who picks up the phone at reception, to the management, to the people who deliver the care.

I work with a great team to ensure we recruit, induct, and support amazing care staff. I believe that our staff should enjoy their job.

We are good at making sure our care assistants have a work life balance, we pay them well and we ensure continuous development.

I think that being able to retain staff has a massive impact on the service we deliver. We care about everybody who works for us.

I am proud to work for Bluebird Care.