Bluebird Care Cardiff South and The Vale Make ‘Forget Me Not’ Café Hub Available to the Community

Bluebird Care Cardiff South and The Vale open 'Forget Me Not' dementia-friendly hub and cafe for customers and local residents

Bluebird Care Cardiff South and The Vale have taken steps to tackle dementia and loneliness in the community, by opening a ‘Forget Me Not’ café for customers and residents in the local area.

The COVID-19 pandemic separated loved ones from their friends, families and the wider community. And for customers of Bluebird Care Cardiff South and The Vale, many of them subsequently lost touch with the outside world.

Aside from the continuous visits of care assistants and the wider support from Bluebird Care Cardiff South and the Vale, those in need of companionship became locked down and isolated from the very interaction with the community they thrive on. Day centres were closed and contact with friends and family had to be done through windowsills and video calls.

Like so many other businesses and organisations across the United Kingdom, the pandemic brought a refocusing of the mission for Bluebird Care Cardiff South and The Vale. As well as offering tailored care services to customer’s homes, the home care provider has now increased their activity and support to the wider community.

Winnie and Freddie, Bluebird Care Cardiff South and the Vale's dementia-friendly pets

The subsequent developing of ‘Forget Me Not’, a dementia friendly hub, allows customers and the wider community of Cowbridge, where the hub is based, to come together in a comfortable, welcoming environment.

The large, open plan area will allow those suffering from loneliness, dementia or wider health constraints, and their families, to come together and connect. 

The Dementia hub builds on Bluebird Care Cardiff South and The Vale’s relations with Cowbridge Rotary Club, who champion Dementia Friendly Spaces and have worked closely with the home care provider on the project.

Visitors can also meet Winnie and Freddie (left), The Vales ‘dementia friendly’ pets.

On Thursdays and Fridays from 2pm until 4pm, the doors of Forget Me Not is open and offering games, tea, coffee, companionship and friendship.




Rowena, a Bluebird Care customer and attendee of the hub, commented:

I really enjoy going to the hub every Thursday, I particularly enjoy the silk flower arranging.



Nicola Mills and Samantha Graham, Live- In care Managers at Bluebird Care Cardiff South and The Vale, together said:


We are particularly excited about Forget Me Not. Together, we will be welcoming everyone when they arrive at the Hub, whether they are calling in for information, would like to stay for cup of tea and chat or staying for a few hours. Along with our customers, almost all of us at Bluebird Care have had a family member who has struggled with Dementia. We know only too well know how important it is to see a friendly face, have someone to talk to and somewhere safe to go. Sometimes, all is needed is a change of environment and another shoulder to cry on.  Cowbridge is Dementia Friendly and at Forget Me Not we are hoping to build on that and add to the amazing support the Town is offering.


The hub can be found at 51 Eastgate, Cowbridge, CF71 7EF. Call 02920 601790 to register your attendance.