Case Study: Emma's Story

I was one of the first care workers to start working for Bluebird Care Bournemouth 8 years ago this January. I always knew this was the career for me, but trying to find a care company that really cared for the customers and about their staff was very hard! I tried many but didn’t succeed until I met Vivian Davies. His outlook on the care industry was exactly the same as mine, and that was to provide the best standard of care we can, and to a very high standard. He was not worried about growing the business at a great speed, but to succeed by doing well with great reports and word of mouth.

Hence why I have been here this long. I started as a care worker, then became a senior care worker, a supervisor and finally I am now coordinator of both the Bournemouth and Poole offices. All with lots of support from my colleagues and managers I have managed to achieve this, and I am truly grateful for all the courses and diplomas I have undertaken. Even though I am now over 25 I am still being offered further education at still no cost to myself.

There have been great difficulties at some points during my time working here, to which I feel any other boss would have let me go. My eldest daughter was born disabled with hip dysplasia and autism. As I had to be her main carer Viv worked really hard to give hours to suit me and my family plus other opportunities to keep the money coming in to pay my bills.

I still wanted to expand my family further. During my pregnancy I was well looked after and thorough risks assessments were taken place to ensure that I would always be safe. I gave birth to a very healthy (plus extremely beautiful) baby girl. After returning to work I was never overlooked and had always been able to further my career even though I am a mum of two.

I could never see myself leaving Bluebird Care as I have been given understanding, caring, extremely approachable and fair bosses. We have great work colleagues and excellent care workers on board. I would be the first to leave if in any way I thought we were not providing a brilliant service. The job satisfaction I have is my adrenalin and I couldn’t be happier with being part of this great team.

-Emma Haggan, Care Coordinator, Bluebird Care Bournemouth & Poole