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Jane & John Perry

Jane & John Perry have owned the Bluebird Care Edinburgh franchise since 2007 and are still as passionate about delivering a bespoke, quality service now, as they were back then.

Neither of them had been involved in the Care sector prior to signing up with Bluebird Care - Jane was in an accountancy role and John had been in sales and management - and both were slightly nervous about the prospect of training and managing a team of commited individuals working to keep people at home for as long as they wish. At that time, Jane felt that the reputation of care at home was not all that it should be, and that there was room for a company who could provide a quality bespoke service, who not only delivered a better customer experience, but also one who valued their staff; Jane comments:

We wanted a sound business model whilst at the same time something that made a difference in peoples lives...  Bluebird Care's model of 'a Good Old Fashioned service' fitted the bill perfectly.

Over the years, they have been very fortunate to win multiple awards for their services, as well as consistently receiving high marks from the Care Inspectorate, something they are extremely proud of.

We are extremely fortunate to have a great team of well trained, professional, commited staff, who all go that extra mile to make sure that we deliver the best care at home service possible and maintain our reputation as one of the leading care at home services in the country. We are very proud of our reputation and never take it for granted and are always on the look out for ways we can improve our service.

Our Care Practitioners

 Bluebird Care Edinburgh's Care Practitioners are the most important people in our business, after all it is they who deliver the care to you or your loved ones 365 days of the year, come hail or shine. They change lives for the better, by making a positive difference each and every day.

All of our Care Practitioners are directly employed by us at Bluebird Care Edinburgh; we are responsible for all their professional training and development, holiday, sick pay and professional insurances. 

Over and above our legal obligations to them, we recognise and value them through Long serving staff awards, Employee of the Month, Birthday gifts and many more.

For us it's very simple...Happy Staff  = Happy Customers. 

Jane Perry
Care Manager

Jane Perry has owned the Bluebird Care Edinburgh franchise with her husband John since 2007 and is still as passionate about delivering a bespoke, quality service now, as she was back then.

With Jane's strong leadership together with her management team, she ensures that the interests and wellbeing of all customers and staff are met. Working with multi disciplinary teams and intergrating with other leaders in the Social Care sector, Jane strives to deliver the best, high quality care at all times.

Since coming into the care sector in 2007, I have gained a huge amount of knowledge and experience during that time and feel that my hands on approach is perfectly suited when dealing with both our staff and customers alike.

We have a dedicated team of experienced professional people some of whom have been with us since the start, all sharing the same drive and passion to deliver a care service that they are proud of. I take a huge amount of pride and satisfaction at what we have achieved so far, but far from resting on my laurels, my aim is to continue to improve where we can, invest in innovation, attract the very best people and be the first name in everyone's thoughts when it comes to needing a quality care at home service.

Nina Maclean
HR and Training Manager

When I first moved to Scotland 5 years ago, I worked for a Recruitment company and this opened my eyes to the Care Sector.  An opportunity arose at Bluebird Care as a Coordinator, which I applied for and was successful.  I started with Bluebird Care in March 2011 and have not looked back since.  I loved my role as a coordinator and in 2012 won Coordinator of the Year at the Scottish Care Awards. 
From a personal point of view, this was a very proud moment for myself. 
I took a short break from the business to have my little girl, and have returned as the HR and Training Manager.  This role is rewarding and enables me to do a job that I am passionate about.  I get to work with all staff members in regards to their personal development and career with Bluebird Care, whilst being able to also work on projects such as Step Into Leadership and Lesson Plans/Observations. I enjoy developing new resources and delivering training and mentoring where possible.  The other important role with job is supporting the management team and Directors with recruitment, changes within the business and absence management.

Tracie Stevens
Office/Finance Manager

I started off my Career working in a lawyers when I left school but found this very boring. I then moved onto the Examinations Department within the National Board of Nursing and Midwifery for Scotland which I found very interesting when meeting with all the Health Care staff who put together the exam papers. I wanted to travel so worked in Australia for a year. When I returned I wanted to move into nursing and worked as an auxiliary for a couple of years. I was then offered a position to help run and build up a cleaning business which I jumped at as this was the challenge I was looking for.

After 20 years we had built this to a National Company employing more than 1000 staff and ended up as Director of Finance and Administration. I found there was no longer a challenge for me then decided to set up my own cleaning business, this quickly turned into more of a care role as I ended up helping the older Customers with personal care as well as their cleaning. I enjoyed helping others less fortunate and able than myself and went to work with the disabled as a support worker – empowering them to improve  and enjoy life, while doing this I worked as a Supervisor for a Care at home company which I also found I had so much job satisfaction from helping others.

It was after this I moved to Bluebird Care in 2011 . I have had varied roles within the company enjoying each of them. I left my full time job to become a Mum in 2013 but did not want to stop working with Bluebird Care so I returned  part time in their accounts department and love my job and the company I work with. In 2017 I increased my hours and became Office/Finance Manager. I love a challenge and making improvements where I can but the best part of working for Bluebird Care is when you think you have had a bad day then you speak to one of our Customers who are so thankful for the little things in life that our Carers do for them – this makes any bad day simply fade away.

There is nothing more enjoyable than having job satisfaction knowing you made a difference to someone's life sometimes by simply having a chat with them.

Angela Young
Care Co-ordinator North East

I first became involved in the Care sector10 years ago when I started looking after my Grandfather. After he passed away I felt I had the passion, desire and qualities to become a compassionate carer for other people less fortunate than myself.

I started work with Bluebird Care Edinburgh in December 2012 as a care worker up until August 2013, when I took on the role as On-Call Coordinator. In October 2014 the role of Supervisor became available I was fortunate and delighted to say I was offered the role. After being in the Supervisor role and assisting with the coordinating when needed, I was offered the Coordinators role on a permanent basis. I am now one of 2 Co-ordinators working in the office; due to the level of work involved, it was decided that the areas would be split between us and I am now responsible for the North and East of Edinburgh.

I have completed my  SVQ4 in Health and Social Care and achieved the James Watt Level 2 Dementia certificate. I have also completed my Train the Trainer for Moving & Handling and Medicationan the  Bluebird Care Coordinator Training Courses.

All the above courses I have been able to achieve through working with Bluebird Care Edinburgh.

I enjoy the daily challenges that the Co-ordinating role brings.

The BEST part of my job is knowing that we have assisted to get a customer home who has been in hospital and encourage their independence and enjoy their home life style again.

Julie Clee
Supervisor North East

I have worked in the care industry practically all my working life since leaving school. I started working in a care home as a care assistant where I worked up until I left to have my daughter. I returned to work in a part time roll until the birth of my son when I left to care for him. I joined a care agency and worked in various care homes around Edinburgh which I combined with a part time retail job.
I first began working in care at home after joining Allied Care in 2007. I loved the way I could give someone the help and care they required to stay in their own home and retain a level of independence and dignity.

I found that I much preferred to work in the care at home sector as it allowed a much more personal service that I gained great satisfaction from. My first spell at Bluebird Care was in 2010 as a care assistant, I immediately loved the place and quickly noticed how differently they saw how to treat both customers and carers alike. They work to very high standards, something I love. During my role I have met some great people both employees and customers.

In 2012 my dad was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. I spent the next two years providing care for my dad at home on a daily basis whilst also working full time with Bluebird Care. Unfortunately in 2014 my dad passed away,which left me devastated. I took a break from working and left my role at Bluebird Care to allow me to grieve and get a perspective on my life. After a good period of time, I decided to return to work in my role as a care assistant in 2015 with bluebird Care Edinburgh, it felt like coming home.

An opportunity recently became available for a Supervisory role which I applied for and was successful. It was a massive step for me as I thought I would be a care assistant for the rest of my working life (which I was happy to be), but after some soul searching, I felt I had more to offer and still do!

I am extremely grateful for the confidence shown in me and I am so excited to further my knowledge and to meet the challenges my new role will bring.     


Kim Ritchie
Care Co-ordinator South West

After a long and varied career in different sectors within the retail Industry which ranged from working on the shop floor at entry level, to eventually working my way up the career ladder to Manager of a large well known clothing retailers. Although I enjoyed this work very much I felt I had progressed as far as I could and was eager to find a new and different challenge.

After doing some research into into the care sector, I was very interested in knowing more about it and where I could fit in. I applied to an advert within Bluebird Care Edinburgh as a Care Assistant, as I had read excellent reviews about them and I wanted the best training out there. I was interviewed and offered the position, which I accepted immediately.
After completing my Induction training I was out providing care to customers in their own homes and it was such a rewarding job. Coupled with the induction training, I received fantastic ongoing support, which gave me great re-assurance and bags of confidence.
I continued in this role for the next few years continuing to grow as a Care Assistant and building my knowledge through Bluebird Care training courses. Through my visits to the office, I became aware of an advert for the position of Support Co-ordinator which I felt would suit me, primarily as I felt I had the customer and carer knowledge to fulfil this role. I applied, was interviewed and was offered the position. 
I worked in this position for 6 months and during that time picked up a huge amount of knowledge of not only the existing systems, but also the new Webroster rostering system. This also gave me a valuable insight into all the work that is involved behind the scenes too.

Most recently, I have been promoted to a full co-ordinator role, with responsibility for the South and West areas of Edinburgh, which I very much looking forward to getting my teeth into!

I am  enjoying the new challenge where I am continuing to build my knowledge within Bluebird Care.
I’m loving my new role within Bluebird Care
Lindsey Clark
People Development and Engagement

My career background initially was always secretarial. When my children were small I wanted something that would give me to flexibility to enable me to work from home, so I started a small ironing business with a few clients. As my children moved onto High school I felt the time was right to re-evaluate my career and see what my next challenge would be!

Around about the same time, my mother had been receiving care at home and I was taken with the way the carers dealt with and interacted (or not) with her and the whole thing struck a chord with me. The whole concept of looking after others, less fortunate than myself, in the comfort of their own home really appealed to me so I did some research on the sector. Upon reading, it made me want to make this my new profession as I felt I would be good fit for any good organisation willing to take a chance on someone who never did this type of thing before, but someone who had a good heart and was keen to learn.

I applied to Bluebird Care Edinburgh, as I’d heard great things about them, was interviewed and offered a role which I readily accepted. I really enjoyed the initial week induction training and felt I was ready to start my new career as a Care Assistant.Being a Carer really made me feel that I was making a difference, I loved going into my Customers houses and making a difference to their daily lives.It made me realise that even the little things meant such a lot to them. My role gave me such a feeling of job satisfaction that I have made a difference to people lives.

I have been with Bluebird Care for 5 years now and have really enjoyed it all. I am very keen to progress my career and when a position became available working as the  Recruitment Resourcer, I jumped at the chance to further enhance my care sector experience. I loved seeing how the new staff progressed, from my initial contact through to the delivery of care and some of the wonderful comments from both colleagues and customers alike.

I have a passion for learning and developing people within the workforce and overall care sector and I am proud to say that my new role as People Development & Engagement Officer has re-invigorated me and I am thoroughly enjoying this new role within Bluebird Care, as I still feel that I can make a difference, but just in a different area.

Peter Stevenson
Recruitment Resourcer

I have been involved within the recruitment industry for over 30 years at various levels throughout my career, being REC accredited and part CIPD qualified.
I truly understand the importance of listening, engaging and delivering for prospective candidates, having latterly worked for a large health organisation managing a large area, ensuring medication reached vulnerable people in the community. 
This enthused me to move into a care role that would utilise my skills and add value to the Bluebird Care family ethos; the feeling I get when providing a dedicated and caring individual from initial contact through to first day induction …. Is “Brill”

Julie Forbes
Accounts Assistant

I had various roles throughout my career, I previously worked within the care industry as a carer when my two daughters were very young. I left this role to move from a small town in the Scottish borders to Edinburgh where I took on a job in the courier industry.

I initially spent 5 years with the first company and then moved to my previous role where I spent the next 10. I loved logistics as it was like solving a puzzle; getting items from A to B without delay. Daily dealings with customers, government agencies and various logistic providers has given me the transferable communication skills to deal at ease with a range of people confidently.
I took on numerous roles within that company during my time there, I found the most interesting and best suited to me was working with accounts.

I want to continue and further my career in accounts and feel my new role as Accounts Assistant at Bluebird Care will help develop my existing skillset and challenge me.

Chief Happiness Officer

Hi everyone, 

My name is Robbie and I am a rather sprightly 12 year old cross labrador / deerhound.

I have been installed as the 'Chief Happiness Officer' within Bluebird Care Edinburgh; Not really sure what that actually means or about my specific role within the business, but it seems that I make people happy and everyone is pleased to see me, which makes me wag my tail even more than I normally do!

My daily routine starts when I get chauffeured into work every day by the Directors, get spoiled to bits by the all the staff, taken for nice walks, get extremely well fed (including the odd sneaky snack), get well petted, get the odd scratch and sleep for as long as I want in my very comfy bed by the radiator.

Ther's not a job like it, I love working(?!) for Bluebird Care!

It's got to be the best job ever!

John Wilberforce
Operations Manager

Details to follow.

Nicola Whyte
Supervisor South West

Coming Soon!

Valerie Chan
Business Support

Hi I'm Valerie,

I graduated in 2015, achieving a 2:1 Business with Tourism degree from the Northumbria University Business School. I spent two months in Hong Kong working at a PR and advertising firm during my second year summer holidays, and I also achieved a First in the Undergraduate Consultancy Project which focused on marketing for the National Dyspraxia Foundation. 

I moved to Edinburgh in 2016 and got married in 2018. Moving to Edinburgh was the official start of my career and dare I say the start of “adulting”. My first role was working in the travel industry and supporting the city breaks team, here I established my business support experience and copywriting for both physical and digital. Though my interests are within travel, I felt I needed to broaden my horizon and move on to develop my skills elsewhere. After this, I worked at a wine merchants as Sales Support, here I was learning a completely new product and supporting sales teams on the field and in the office. Although an exciting role to have, I felt a great desire to give back to the community which is completely different to my past leisure and hospitality industry experience. 

The perfect timing arrived  when I came across the job advert for a Business Support at Bluebird Care. I am very grateful to have started this role especially in the Covid-19 pandemic, to help and support Bluebird Care in these times and see my colleagues work so hard is inspiring. I am learning more about the care industry and I am grateful for the opportunity to put my social media and copywriting skills to the test too!