Why I Became A Care Assistant

At Bluebird Care Solihull, our care assistants are the heart of our business. These are stories by our staff about why they chose to work in homecare, and allows you an insight into their day-to-day lives as a care assistant. Read some of the special stories our staff have to tell about their experiences working for Bluebird Care Solihull.

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Natalie's Story

I chose a career in the care sector as I wanted to positively impact the lives of people in the local community who need support the most.

Whilst working for Bluebird Care Solihull I have completed my care certificate and I am now working towards my QCF level 2 in health and social care. As well as gaining qualifications, I feel I have also gained skills on a personal level.

I am now more aware of the needs of others and how important it is to treat everybody with respect and dignity, whilst supporting them both practically and emotionally. I have built strong relationships with customers and staff members, leading me to learn the value of both active participation and teamwork.

I look forward to seeing my customers each day, it feels like I am part of a big family. I cannot imagine a more emotionally rewarding job.

Lesley's Story

I had just lost my mother who I had cared for in her own home, on a full-time basis for nearly five years, the last eighteen months of which she was completely bedbound.  Even though I had extra support from the district nurses and doctors who were fantastic in the care they gave, many expressed their own belief that she should have gone into a nursing home.  This would have gone against her expressed wishes, so I provided full time care for her so she could remain at home.

After the loss of my Mother this left me with making the decision of either retraining to regain my Registered Nurse qualification or to work as a care assistant. I chose to become a care assistant and joined Bluebird Care Solihull.  The reason for my decision was easy, I am very passionate about helping and supporting vulnerable individuals who have the capacity to be able to remain living in the own homes as independently as they can, for as long as they desire or is reasonably possible.

The Bluebird Care Solihull team are very professional and are a fantastic help and support to me, especially throughout my initial three-month probation period and whilst successfully completing my Care Certificate. Both of which, have given me an in-depth understanding of my role as a care assistant and what it entails. Also, completing numerous shadow shifts with experienced carer assistants gave me a greater insight of how to approach various situations.

Bluebird Care Solihull have a wide range of wonderful customers who I go to, some of which are a social or domestic call, others are for personal care whilst others have complex care requirements. The work is very variable, sometimes challenging and no day is the same which appeals to me.

How many people can truly say that they thoroughly love and enjoy their job? I suspect not that many, however, I can honestly say hand on heart that I do. And the best thing of all, I know each and every day that I have made a difference to someone’s quality of life.

Sarah's Story

I have been with the company for 4 and a half years now it’s what they call an old care assistant but I’m still young. Bluebird Care have taught me a lot of things from personal care to different disabilities, I have learnt a lot over the years and Bluebird Care have supported me through their training to be the person I am today.

Bluebird Care is a fabulous place to work and they are better than any other care company from what I’ve heard from different people in the care sector. Bluebird Care are very supportive and always look out for you. They are always there to listen or to guide you whether it’s on the phone or face to face. 

Maria's Story

I chose the role of a care assistant because I like the flexibility of the shifts which fit around my other commitments.
I appreciate the regular calls from my supervisor checking that all is okay with me and whether I have any concerns or issues. The office staff are very approachable and any worries or concerns I have faced have always been welcomed in a professional and friendly manner.

I like the way that care assistants are encouraged to develop professionally, I am constantly asked if there is any further training or courses I would like to do. I feel valued and appreciated for the work that I carry out, having received care assistant of the month within my first 6 months of working for Bluebird Care.

Most importantly, Bluebird Care have allowed me to work within an environment that I find most fulfilling, knowing that what I do can make a real difference gives me a real sense of achievement.