Care assistant testimonials

I like my job working for Bluebird Care. I get great job satisfaction from helping people live safely and independently in their own homes. Every day is different, I meet people from all walks of life and hopefully make them feel valued and cared for. I receive great support from my manager, supervisor and my fellow Bluebird Care colleagues. We work well together and I enjoy providing a caring, professional service for all our customers. I find it a very rewarding career!
I go to work every day knowing that I do a worthwhile job by making a difference to people’s lives so that they can carry on with their life in their own homes. My job is the most rewarding job I have done. It gives me a great sense of job satisfaction, knowing I have made a difference.
My job at Bluebird care Solihull is the most rewarding job you can do. I have worked for Bluebird care for nearly 6 years and in that time I have developed a great working relationship with everyone I visit. Every call is different but the end result is always the same that you have helped someone to carry on living in their own home, the way they want to and deliver the best possible care I can. The job satisfaction is second to none. What a worthwhile job I do. I am very lucky, every call is different and varied to customer’s needs. You get great support from office staff, there is always someone at the end of the phone if you have any worries or concerns.
The work is very variable, sometimes challenging and no day is ever the same. Most customers I go to are on an on-going regular basis, which has given me the opportunity of developing good professional relationships with them, as well as gaining an in-depth knowledge and understanding of their specific and sometimes changing requirements. Thus, enabling me to be able to deliver the best possible care and support to achieve a positive outcome at each visit. I also particularly enjoy the wide range of calls I cover from; social care for example taking someone shopping, out for lunch or a walk in the park. To domestic or personal care, assisting with various aspects of their daily living routines, whilst others have complex care requirements, some of whom need two care assistants in attendance, through to end of life care and support. Bluebird Care Solihull team are very professional and are a fantastic help and support to me. Each member of the office team began their career with Bluebird Care as a care assistant. Therefore, they are fully able to empathise with my position and offer me sound advice and solutions to difficult and challenging situations as they arise. More importantly the office team make me feel that I am listened to and that I am a valued member of their workforce. I am also very lucky that I get to work alongside other care assistants who are extremely capable and committed to delivering high standards of care. I can honestly say that I love my job. But the best thing for me about for working for Bluebird Care Solihull, is that I know each day that I have made a difference to someone’s quality of life.
I have thoroughly enjoyed working for Bluebird care and being a Blue-birdie!, being part of a family team and being cared for by the management. It has been lovely and sad at times. Thank you for having me.
I have been working for bluebird for 16 months. I enjoy meeting new people and assisting them with the care and needs that they require or want. This is my first job in care and I thoroughly enjoy my job and find it very rewarding. I have a very supportive supervisor who gives me all the advise and information I need.
Since joining Bluebird Care I have received support from all the team. I see my job as a care assistant rewarding and fulfilling. I enjoy meeting new people and supporting people in the community. I want to make a difference to people lives and have the support of the Bluebird Team with me all the way.
I started with Bluebird just over a year ago. Career progression was mentioned during interview this wasn’t far wrong. I began as a care assistant working within the community, I was nervous because I didn’t know much about community care. I had nothing to be worried about full training & support has been provided before I knew it I was out lone working and feeling confident and enjoying my job role.
I enjoy working for Bluebird as they embody everything I deem important a care company should be. They not only look after their customers but also their staff. With working experience within other companies I can safely say I have never felt so grounded working within Bluebird, with their first class training and one to one support I feel technically confident to provide the very best care to all my customers.
I began my journey with Bluebird by being interviewed by Care Manager Stacey Goodwin, from the start it was clear to me I had made the right choice. Bluebird Care is a company that clearly sets out to provide the highest standards of personal domiciliary care. Bluebird Care is not just another care company but one that really does put the care into caring. Working for Bluebird your working as a team and those I work closely with include my Care Supervisor, Tracey Allkins who personally oversees and supports me every step of the way. Sarah Blackwell my Care Coordinator has an emphasis on continuity of care and makes sure I am able to deliver high quality care to all our customers. Bluebird Care has its rigorous quality assurance procedures in place. It goes by the name of Thomas Franklin who makes sure I receive continued support and training throughout, continually developing my skills and knowledge. Working for Bluebird Care has provided me the opportunity and support to continue to improve my skills and provide the highest quality of home care to those that need it the most.
Great company to work for.
Having personal experience with care agencies I can honestly say that working with bluebird they are the best I have come across. Continual training,friendly staff and there is always someone on the other end of the phone to help both staff and customer. Any issues have always been quickly resolved and no two days are the same! Working two jobs,bluebird have made flexible working not only possible but easy. Truly feel part of a team who honestly care about each and every customer and staff member. Never thought I'd do this kind of job but it's the best decision I ever made.
A care agency that goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and care
Bluebird care is the best care company that I have worked for. They are flexible, supportive and they show their appreciation for the work that I do which means a lot. We have good teamwork throughout the company.