My life as a care assistant


I love my job as a carer because I am a naturally caring person  and it comes as second nature to me.

Every day I get smiles and appreciation of the things I do to help my clients go about their day  they choose. I am lucky to listen to amazing stories of days gone by and some of the incredible things that they have lived through and achieved.

Some days a client may be having a bad day but just needs some encouragement and help to get past this.

Most of my clients are pleased to see me. I can suggest things to make their lives easier and happier. They love a little chit chat to get through things they never thought they may have to deal with. For e.g. help with showering or changing pads in pants. It’s just part of our job but all new to them especially if you are a stranger to them.

Empathy is key. Plus listening if you can do that and use your common sense and make suggestions in a non confrontational way. You have made the grade.

Dementia clients can be challenging. Be prepared to explain clearly and concisely. Do not ever shout or sound cross. Explain and if necessary reword. I can ask a client to stand up in about 10 different ways. Be patient.

There is nothing that feels better than assisting a client to have a shower that has refused constantly. Then eventually getting dressed. Even choosing their own clothes for themselves. Maybe a smile or a grunt makes it all worthwhile.

Once you are over the first few visits you build a rapport. At bluebird we have amazing clients.

Just remember we are all human and we are helping humans and no two are the same. They are someone’s mother, father or grandmother or grandfather. Respect costs nothing and is vitally important.

Any issues or worries we have a great support team. Communicate worries or concerns.


If you would like to start your Care Career with us at Bluebird Care Rushmoor & Surrey Heath, give us a call on 01276 683577 or visit our Vacancies Page to find a role that fits and apply. We look forward to hearing from you.