‘He thanked me for saving his life, that was special’

‘He thanked me for saving his life, that was special - Helen's story, June 2018
Celebrating over six years with Bluebird Care as a care assistant, Helen Slater from Camberley talks about caring in her community… 
In June 2012, Helen Slater saw an advert in the newspaper for a care assistant with Bluebird Care, she got the job and over six years later, she is one of the longest serving care assistants there. Helen is a full time mum and the key factor for her was the flexibility of hours that Bluebird Care offers.

“This job really worked for me as I could choose my own hours, fitting it in without compromising my time with my kids. I’m a mum, that’s my main job. I started on night shifts only and continued working around my kids.”

Previously Helen had a local cleaning job but since joining Bluebird Care, she has gained an NVQ2 (National Vocation Qualification) through the company.

“Everyone wants to go up and Bluebird Care provides opportunities for growth and development.”

When asked why she chose to be a home care assistant rather than working in a care home, Helen said:

“I like helping people, supporting them in their independence and enabling them to stay at home. You get to build a closer relationship with customers. I like travelling, being out and about, and working in a care home would be too confined.”  

Helen also has advice for those considering a career in home care.

“Working as a care assistant is really hard, people don’t realise it.  You have to step outside your comfort zone and each day is a different challenge.  You have to do it because you want to, because you want to help people’s lives. I get a lot of support from the office and my colleagues are always ready to help. Having a choice in your work hours helps to juggle things, especially when you have a family.” 

We asked Helen what she was most proud of in her time with Bluebird Care, “A particularly rewarding memory which stands out was about a year ago, when a diabetic customer was having a hypoglycaemic attack.” Helen recognised the symptoms and managed to save him by calling the paramedics “just in the nick of time”.  

“He thanked me for saving his life. That was special”.