A day in the life of a care assistant


Everyday I start at 6AM getting my 3 kids ready to school. My school run has 3 stops in total. My youngest child is dropped at my mum’s house last, which gives me the chance to see her everyday before heading to work. I’m always happy to see all my clients because there’s never a day where it’s the same. I always love to see all their bright smiles when I arrive.

Being a Bluebird Care carer makes me feel very appreciated, as they’re always very grateful even with the smallest things that I do for them. A normal day can be intense and difficult at times but I’m always trying my very best to keep them happy and safe with every single thing I do for them. At the end of each working day, I cannot help but feel extremely rewarded. It’s so difficult to resist getting attached to these wonderful people I care for everyday as they constantly teach me new things even as an adult. Also, I feel grateful to learn from their experiences.

My kids can always sense how happy I am as soon as I collect them even when I am sometimes tired. We always talk in the car about our days and how we got through them. I love my job because I enjoy helping people in need. I always put others first before me.

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