Why I became a care assistant

Stories from our care assistants in Ely & Newmarket

At Bluebird Care Newmarket, Fenland, King's Lynn & West Norfolk, our care assistants are the heart of our business. These are stories by our staff about why they chose to work in homecare, and allows you an insight into their day-to-day lives as a care assistant. Read some of the special stories our staff have to tell about their experiences working for Bluebird Care Newmarket, Fenland, King's Lynn & West Norfolk.

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Angel's Story

I applied for this job in July knowing that I love caring about others but also knowing that I had no clue what so ever about the job role that had to take place on a daily basis.  I got an interview date not long after applying and I still didn't really know what I was doing. The manager who interviewed me knew I had no clue about any kind of role that I had to do. He said for me to go home and do my research and to call him to rearrange another date for an interview. I worked so hard to be able to have another interview to show that I was committed to learn, to take on different responsibilities. I then had a week’s training of the different roles in the sector which if I’m honest I almost gave up on, thinking that maybe this job really isn’t for me. But the support from the team members was amazing, by your side whenever you needed them to help you.

After the week of training I then went to do shadowing out in the field. When I went to my first call I was so worried and nervous but by the end of the day I came home with a smile and couldn’t wait to go out and meet more amazing individuals. From then through to now I have become I great carer. Its's still early days but I've come out of my shell, become much more confident, and feel amazing to be making a difference to other people’s lives. For those who want to become a carer and have heard all the stories like 'all you’re going to do is clean people' - all those stories are wrong! You may have to do that along the way, but it’s not about that. It’s about being able to make a difference, to help them be able to stay in their homes for as long as they can, for being able to put the smile onto their faces and talk about all the amazing story’s that they have.

Hannah's Story

I wanted a career change and had been thinking of going into the care industry. I did some research and found Bluebird Care Newmarket & Fenland. Their employment package seemed very good and I decided to apply to them for a Care Assistant role.

When I started my training the team were very friendly and welcoming. As with any new role, I was nervous about starting the role however the team supported and reassured me which really helped.

The training is fantastic and they offer ongoing and refresher training. I love my career with Bluebird Care and I am excited for my journey ahead with the company.

Debbie's Story

After working for many years in supermarkets, factories and warehouses, I decided it was time for a career change. I thought I would love to become a care assistant as I enjoy meeting new people and most of all helping them. After researching the profession, I decided this was definitely what I wanted to do. Whilst researching, I came across Bluebird Care who give help, support, and training to the highest level and treat each customer as an individual so seemed like a perfect fit for me.

I know that working for Bluebird Care Newmarket & Fenland, I have full 24/7 support from manager and supervisor team. I love my job, it was the best move I have ever made.


Sasha's Story

Before starting with Bluebird Care I had never done care, but I wanted to become a carer to help make a difference in people's life's offering help and support them through the good and bad times. I gave it a go but didn't think I would enjoy it this much. I have been a care assistant for over 2 years now and I wouldn't of been able to do any of it without the support from the office and team members. 


Tatiana's Story

I became a care assistant because I wanted to help people and make a difference. I am proud to work for Bluebird Care because this company treat all customers as a priority, they attend to all customers individual needs and look after all team members. 


Ashleigh's Story

I decided to work in care after supporting my nan when she became poorly. It made me realise how much I enjoyed the role and I knew it was the career path for me. I started working in a care home but I knew I wanted to work with people in their own homes, so I started to look at domiciliary care companies.

I heard such great things about Bluebird care that I applied, and here I am today. I am very pleased to have passed probation and looking forward to continuing with a job I love.