'Life is all about caring for others'

Case Study: August 2018

‘Life is all about caring for others’ - Heruth's story

Celebrating over 4 years with Bluebird Care as a care assistant, Heruth Iyasue from Olympia talks caring in her community…  

For Heruth Iyasue, her life has been all about caring for others. After years of being a key worker in a Children’s Centre, she decided to turn her focus to caring for adults. Heruth felt that she could use her knowledge from working with children to apply it to adults who required care.

Heruth said:“I’m lucky to have been able to work with both children and adults. I like caring in different ways, being on the front line and supporting people. I love what I do!” 

The flexibility of hours as a home care assistant was one of the key reasons that’s made Heruth stay with Bluebird Care.

“You can choose your hours to suit your timetable, it’s great when you are a working mother.” 

The opportunity to work out in the community with different people was another reason why Heruth chose to work as a home care assistant. She wanted an active job, not tied down to one place.

“The duties of the job are so diverse, I get to work in various homes, with a wide range of carers and customers. No two days are the same.”

The fact that Bluebird Care offers various NVQs, diplomas and opportunities for career growth was a big motivation for Heruth. For those considering a career in Bluebird Care, Heruth said:

“Come with an open mind in which you can work according to the customer’s individual and personal needs. When you come to this industry as a care worker, you get training but don’t really know what it’s like until you do it! 

There is so much to learn and by supporting the customers, you can see them progress and change. You really are making a difference to their lives, it’s so rewarding.”  

Heruth added: I had one customer, she had no family members and was neglecting herself. She felt very depressed during most of her life. I helped her to engage, supported her to look after her health and helped turn her life around. I’ll never forgot her, she really moved me”.