Working as a Live-in Care Assistant

A live-in carer is someone who is fully trained to living in clients home.

They are there to support clients with specific needs to keep clients independent and comfortable in your own home.

Same of the carer that live in help with:

  • Medication according to the careplan.
  • Personal care, cooking, personal hygiene, shopping, cleaning, laundry,outside activities,and escorting to appointments.

HIGHS: The main high of being a live-carer is that you feel a sense of belonging, because you become like family to the client.

It gives you a good opportunity to be able to build a relationship with your client

LOWS: As a live-in carer you might  sometimes feel like you are invading someone privacy as you are in their own environment all the time.

TRUMPH: Once you get to know the client it makes the work easier for you.

CHALLENGES:  As a live-in carer you are expected to assist and promote independence however it can be challenging if the clients want to be independent but physically are not able to.