Training: Care Assistants Testimonials

At Bluebird Care Guildford & Waverley we provide our Care Assistants with quality and rigorous training from day one to ensure they deliver exceptional care to our customers.

The training is so informative, well-prepared visuals and documents. To be honest, I am new to this industry as a carer but I was encouraged in the training more that things will be fine. I just need to not overwhelm myself! All staff in the office are friendly and helpful. My expectations on the job, for now, is for sure we will get a support from the carer when we do the shadowing, including all the term use and anything we need to know in actual duty. I will be happy to be trained first and be knowledgeable before I can go on my own to prevent a mistake in the long run. I am also would like to take my time, as much as possible to know things so I don't feel so much stress and not love what I do. I will be happy to meet all the carers and be comfortable to be with them so I can do my training well. Hoping to start soon, thanks for your help! C.M.

Induction was really good. Though it was a lot to take in, the team were so helpful and the trainer had a wonderful sense of humour, the overall training was interesting. S.W.

The trainer was absolutely amazing so funny makes you feel welcome and definitely made the training more exciting. It was good because they made the training clear working in care home previous they handle things completely different and I'm pleased I now know the right way to move and handle clients very excited to start now and do the job I love to do. M.M.

I found the training informative and interesting. The trainer delivers the information in such a way that makes it interesting and fun and easy to take in. The information and real life stories adding to it makes it engaging and I genuinely felt they knew what they were talking about. I enjoyed the training and feel more confident about the role. D.V

It has been lovely to meet yourself and everyone in the office this week. I really enjoyed the training, I liked having a smaller group as I felt we could get to know each other and ask more questions. The trainer made the training really enjoyable, I have had a few care induction trainings and it can get quite heavy/ overwhelming with a lot of information and going over different acts, regulations and policies etc, but they made things fun as well as informative. I liked having the itinerary as we knew what to expect from training each day, and we received lots of helpful handouts as well as websites, apps etc to further our learning or have as resources when we may need. I thought the practical session was good as the trainer explained and demonstrated the moving and handling techniques thoroughly and allowed us to practice as many times as we needed to feel confident. We always had the opportunity to discuss things we weren't sure of and ask questions. I think we all felt really welcomed and part of the team right away, and I am really looking forward to starting shadowing. B.R.

I was so very worried about walking into training... This role was so different to any other job I have had before. I was welcomed in to a small group in a lovely atmosphere, all staff members were chatty, smiling and a pleasure to meet. They all took the time to introduce themselves to us and what they did within the company. Our trainer was amazing....they walked in with a large smile and a cup of coffee, wanting to know us all. They took his time to explain everything and asked us if we had any questions. They were so easy to approach if we didn't fully understand and always took the time to explain again. I was no longer nervous or worried about my training as I knew the team had me covered. I loved every second of my days at the office, I couldn't honestly choose a specific activity that was my favorite, as they were all fantastic... We had plenty of breaks throughout the day. With tea and coffee available whenever. Extremely excited to start my new career with you all. All I can say is a huge thank you to the Bluebird team. H.S.

A very good Refresher training. Thank you. The trainer was great! Very friendly Loads of discussion and related questions + ideas were generated and discussed too The trainer was very clear and thorough in their explanation of information and activities and was very supportive and reassuring to promote our confidence. Thank you once again. N.S.



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