Make care your career

Many people would have considered care as a job, rather than a career option until they came and worked for us. Those that have, find that they have plenty of scope for career progression – with many moving from care assistant to managerial and other specialist roles.

You don’t need to have previous experience, you just need a naturally caring nature, enjoy helping and dealing with people and be willing to go the extra mile to provide the sort of care you would want your own loved ones to receive.

We’ve helped to develop a Career Pathway, which allows our staff to progress their careers, undertake training, gain qualifications, skills and expertise. Staff have a mentor and you can also mentor others as you develop.

Below are stories from our team – we hope they inspire you to consider a career in care – to have a chat email us or call us on 01202 283 777

Jo Kelleher- Registered Care Manager

I have worked in the care industry for many years, during which time my roles have been predominately in domiciliary care environments. Quality of care has always been my priority and remained my focus throughout the various roles. Bluebird Care is different to other providers, and I was thrilled to continue my career with them when a role became available in Bournemouth & Poole. 

Living in an environment where we feel safe and secure is hugely important to us all, especially when we are feeling vulnerable. When life is rapidly changing all around, to be able to stay in the familiarity and comfort of one’s own home, with support coming in  when required, is often the ideal solution. To know that I can play a role in helping this to happen gives me huge job satisfaction.

Jelena Davey - Customer Support Supervisor

I have worked as part of the Bluebird Care (Bournemouth & Poole) team for many years. I feel very passionatly about ensuring a high quality of service for the customers I support, and this led me into the role I have now. The knowledgeable and experience in homecare which I gained during my 5 years working as a Care Assistant with Bluebird Care, has given me the understanding I need to work as part of the Office Support Team and ensure our customers receive the very higest standards of service.

I am often the first person customers and their families will see after making an enquiry with us. It is my role to ensure that customers are delivered the service that they both need and desire and that care plans accurately reflect customer needs and expectations. 

Emma Northover- Lead Care Coordinator

I started working as a Care Assistant with Bluebird Care before I left home.  When I re-located to Bournemouth, I was really pleased to be able to continue with Bluebird Care with the Bournemouth & Poole office.

‚ÄčI love working in Domiciliary Care. Being able to offer people the solution that enables them to remain in their own home gives me total job satisfaction. I felt that I was ready to take the next step in my career, and I was really pleased when I was offered the opportunity to take on the role of Support Care Coordinator. 

Bluebird Care has given me so much. I have the support of a brilliant management team who have helped me to succeed and develop my own skills. I received specialist training, and the team welcomed me and offered their support whilst I found my feet. 

I love the challenge of matching our customers with their core care team, and knowing that together we provide a valuable and high standard of service to our customers.