Care worker testimonials

Please read on to learn what our care workers have to say about working for Bluebird Care Bournemouth & Poole.

I have just spent 3 days training at Bluebird care I have never felt so welcome or enjoyed training so much with any other company. I already feel accepted and part of the team which I have never felt before when I have only just started. Everyone has been brilliant and I have been given so many points of contact that I will never feel I am on my own even when lone working. I look forward to it long and happy career with Bluebird care. Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome.
It’s a marvellous job if you are made to do it. You must look into your heart and then in their eyes to understand what they need……all customers have a touch of beauty and innocence that makes them different and we must treat them on the personal circumstances….I like my job, I’m feeling lucky.
I always love any opportunity to get together with other Bluebird Carers – great for morale and building team spirit.
I love working for Bluebird Care; the support I have and get from them is just incredible as this really helps me do my work the best I can for everyone. Since I have been with Bluebird Care, I haven’t looked back!
The reward is a customer saying thank you …...or just knowing that I have made a difference for that person on a certain day. ……… the value and importance that I am, to the person I am caring for, is immense. This means a lot as I feel I am doing something very special...
Nothing is more important than helping people live full, independent lives within the comfort of their own homes. Which is exactly what Bluebird Care provides……… When you are a Carer, you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours.
Training was great, I started a bit unsure the first day but as the day progressed I started to feel more confident and happier; by the end of my three days I knew I was going to stay and do the job. I then went out for my shadowing and loved it even more when I got hands to the job and actually saw what I needed to do and what the job involves. I now feel confident to go out there and do it on my own. I perhaps will need some help and will definitely ask many questions but I know I will get there. Very rewarding job this is, helping people is the best.
All of our clients, their families, carers, and all of us at Bluebird Care are unique and wonderful and together we can make a small bit of this world hopeful and happier.
I knew the moment I walked into Bluebird Care that I wanted to work with them. I had just previously been offered a really good job and fully intended to take it. I went along to Bluebird for my interview simply because I had no intention of just not turning up. But everything changed. I loved their ethos and the value they put on their care workers, the office staff were so friendly and welcoming, I walked out knowing I was about to embark on a very long career with them. Communication was great, very regular the week or two prior to training. When it came to the actual training being very aware that I wouldn't know anyone and that perhaps no one would recognise me. How wrong I was, it was like I had been a part of Bluebird for a good long while. The training was very in depth and informative, far superior to any expectations I had. Wonderful lunches laid on too. I could go on for ages but it will all lead to one thing, Bluebird Care is the place to be if you want to feel part of something special, I've only just started with them but it feels like I've been there for ages...but in a really good way!
Working for Bluebird Care has many rewarding aspects. Mainly providing the best care possible for your customers so they can remain in their own home and be as independent as possible with your help and assistance….. we're a very close-knit team which work very well together and have all the support possible.