Why I became a care assistant

At Bluebird Care Barking & Dagenham our care assistants are the heart of our business. These are stories by our staff about why they chose to work in homecare, and allows you an insight into their day-to-day lives as a care assistant. Read some of the special stories our staff have to tell about their experiences working for Bluebird Care Barking & Dagenham.

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Naomie's Story

NaomieMy Name is Naomie from Bluebird Care I'm 23 years old and I'm going to tell you the most amazing part of my experience. 

Working with Bluebird Care has really boosted my confidence so much you couldn't imagine, caring for people in there homes has made me realise how special you can be for that person who do not have access to any help or support.
Being a care assistant has also made me realise everyone is special in there own way and deserves to be treated the same way you would want to be treated, in life we all need somone to talk to. I've learnt caring is not just doing what you have to do in your job role it is also communicating, getting to know the person and giving them confidence, by showing how important they are and having that responsibility in somones life is the most fulfilling thing to do as care assistant. 
Always remember encouraging patient's can build there confidence back in routine and this is what I've learnt throughout my experience as a care assistant.

Justine's Story

I left school at 16 and my first job was to work as a nursery nurse, I have always had a very caring nature and I fitted into the role with ease, I stayed at that job for 6 years until I had my first child.

After being at home for a while I decided that I needed to go back to work as a care worker I looked on the Internet and I saw that Bluebird Care needed care assistants, so after applying and an interview I was told I got the job, I was over the moon as I had heard good things about Bluebird Care. Straight away I went onto the my computer and I did all the exams in record time so that I could start my caring job.

I have now been there for 2 years and I have gained Health and Social Care Qualification NVQ Level 3, I have had training to assist the office in several tasks such as spot checks of care workers and I have done other training such as dementia and first aid to name but a few.

As soon as I began doing shadowing I knew straight away that this was the right job for me. When I go and visit my customers at their home and I see a smile on their faces it warms my heart to know that Bluebird Care is a great care company to work for and that I am helping people that are in need of my support.

I care for each customer as I would my own family, I have had such lovely happy times with my customers listening about the old times as well as very sad times, when I shed a tear or two. I have had such welcoming feedback from both the people that I have visited which also makes my job worthwhile and the office.

I respect and care passionately for my customers and I couldn't be happier with being part of the Bluebird Care team in Barking and Dagenham. 

Jackie's Story

I will never forget the day I got the job with Bluebird Care, I was so pleased.  I had never had any previous care experience and was worried I would not get the job, but I did and it was the best decision I have ever made. 

Working for Bluebird Care is great, you get the training the first week, then you shadow with someone who has worked for Bluebird Care already to show you the ropes. The training you receive is very intensive which I think is good because you feel confident going out in the field, meeting the clients and seeing to their needs. 

As I have never worked in care of any sort before I was very nervous on my first day but I need not have been because my training served me well.  My customers who I look after are all lovely and friendly, if you are not sure of anything just telephone the office and they help you straight away. 

I like working for Bluebird Care, there are opportunities for promotion all the time but I am happy to be a care assistant. You are given on-going training at no extra cost to yourself and having had the training I feel I am a much better care assistant, confident and professional.  I could never see myself leaving Bluebird Care, I have received understanding, caring, and extremely approachable, fair bosses.  The job satisfaction I have is immense.

Stevie's Story

My name is Stevie and I am currently a care assistant with bluebird care, I am 27 years old and I would like to tell you about my experience. I had been out of work for many years when a family friend asked me if i would consider becoming a 2nd carer to her mum who suffered with dementia. I grabbed this oppurtunity and to this day I do not regret it. I assisted my family friend to care for her mum for around 6 years and it was such a great experience that I knew care was what I wanted to do.

I had been looking for work for a while when my partner picked up a paper and turned to the job section and that's where I saw the advertisement for Bluebird Care, looking for care assistants. I took this oppurtunity with both hands and phoned them for an interveiw. I went to my interveiw and was delighted when I was told that they would like to take me on.

Working for Bluebird Care has given me the confidence boost I needed, I didn't do very well at school so getting the job was like winning the lottery to me. When i'm at a customers home caring for them it gives me the opportunity to give back. Being a carer has made me realise that not only are you a carer you are also a friend and confidant. Someone who they can talk to, someone to brighten up their days and that gives me such good satisfaction. I have heard so many stories since I started this job, every customer I see is unique in their very own way and I enjoy that, as my days are never the same.

My work colleagues are like my mentors, they are always giving me advice on how I can improve in my job. I am thankful to each and everyone one of them as this makes me that little bit better at doing my job. The staff in the office are amazing, they are always there to support me in any way they can and give me advice and guidiance if and when i need it. They truly are fantastic.

I am very happy to say I am part of an amazing company like Bluebird Care. If it wasnt for Bluebird I would still be at home twidling my thumbs doing nothing. I am now doing something I love, that matters and can make a change to someones life. I cannot thank Bluebird Care enough for that.

Thank Bluebird Care for the amazing experience, I hope it continues for many years to come.